Nellie Stevens holly growth

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    I planted 25 Nellie Stevens along my back property line 2 1/2 years ago. They are spaced 10 feet apart and in sandy, clay soil. All but 2 get full sun all day, 2 of them are planted about 10 feet from a cedar tree and get shade in the afternoon. After the first year I started fertilizing with Holly tone in the spring and again at the end of fall. When planted they were around 10 inches tall and now most are maybe 18 inches but have filled out a little more. The two by the cedar are about 3 feet tall and much fuller. Now that I have the background out of the way my question is shouldn’t they be growing faster? I read 2 to 3 feet of growth a year after established, am I expecting too much too soon? I am happy with the growth of the bigger two but note sure if that’s due to the extra acidity, or afternoon shade both thanks to the cedar. Any ideas? By the way I live in central Arkansas.
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    Hollies are not known for speed. I'd be surprised to ever see a holly growing 2-3 ft. per year. Let alone would I expect it. And you don't want this planting to grow like weeds, because then it will be less dense.
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