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  1. I bought a palm about two months ago from a Frank's Nursery in the Indianapolis area. It's some type of fan palm, but it wasn't labeled so unfortunately I don't know exactly what it is. It's definately not a Chinese Fan Palm; it looks a lot like it could be a type of Trachycarpus Palm, but I'm just not sure. The tree is very small still, it has what looks to be 3 trunks at the bottom, each trunk has several leaves growing out of it. The leaves start as a single brown needle looking leaf that grows out of the trunk and eventually opens into the fan of leaves. Each open leaf has pointy, sharp, straight thorns growing out of the leafs "stem" at a downward angle. Each leaf has a lot of palm "needles" on it (about 30 on one, it's hard to say exactly because each needle splits apart into multiple needles as the tree grows). I'd really like to have some idea of what kind of tree I have, so any help someone can give would be really appreciated. I can get pictures of the tree if that would help too.
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    It could be a chamaerops humilis which develops multiple trunks but without a picture it is hard to tell.
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    if you post a picture i can help you for sure

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