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  1. Years ago I had a vine that had leaves that were green on top, purple on the bottom, and were fuzzy. I was told it was a wandering jew. It had small yellow flowers with long slender silver things (they reminded me of fiber optics) coming out of the center of the flowers. I'm not absolutely sure that the flowers were yellow, but am pretty sure. I remember they seemed a funny color for this plant, as the yellow seemed to clash with the green/purple leaves. The flowers were beautiful though.
    I have been looking for this plant (on and off) for about 20 years, and cannot seem to find one like it.
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    this sounds familiar....

    It sounds like we are looking for the name of the same plant...(see pictures on my thread)
    I have never seen a houseplant quite like this before, or since.
    It hasn't flowered yet, but now I'm even more excited about it:)
    Hope we get the answer soon....

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