Need help with Camellia cuttings..

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by Paulina, Apr 13, 2007.

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    This is my second attempt at trying to root a camellia cutting... the first was very bad, I put a giant branch in water... goes to show how little I know about propagation. Now I've got about 4 large branch cuttings from another camellia tree and need help rooting it. I have rooting solution, what do I do? Thanx UBC!
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    Paulina--I would recommend waiting now till at least August, for the wood to get to the proper stage for cuttings to root. I usually find right now the worst time of year to root most things, as they are really trying to grow tops, which exhausts the food reserves in the cuttings before they get a chance to root much.

    With camellias in particular, I find they root fine when the weather cools, like October, with a bit of bottom heat. Summer cuttings are tough without a mist system, tho you could try. The cool weather of fall, combined with heat at the root area, seems to pull roots out of the stem with little effort.

    One other tip I got c/o Hines nursery, if you have any Myke, it makes a huge difference dipped on the ends of the cuttings. Camellia cuttings have a habit of callusing up, then just sitting there. The myco inoculant (like Myke and others) does a great job of initiating roots from this callus in my experience...I would always use it.

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