Need help with African Violets

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by Nuts, Oct 12, 2007.

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    Recently I got two African Violets at a sale at church, and I'm not really sure how to keep them healthy. The pots are both kind of moldy (from being inside a plastic wrapper for so long) and I really want to repot them. What kind of pot would be best? Also, how often should I water? And how do you tell if they have pests or anything? Any other tips would be nice too. :)

    Also, the lady thought that one might not even be an African Violet, so I'll get a picture up when I can.

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    If the pots are moldy, you are right to give them new soil. African violets, Saintpaulia spp. with their fuzzy leaves are prone to mold and rot, this is why it is often recommended to water them from below (as in place the pot in a low container of water for a few minutes to soak up water from below.)

    Unless the plant was seriously overgrown and rootbound, use the same size of pot. African violets bloom when they have filled the pot and can remain in tight pots for a number of years. They will perform best if only given a slight increase in pot size when repotting is necessary.

    They like a humid environment and to remain evenly moist all the time, never dry or soaking wet. They like bright light, but not bright hot sun, artificial lights can help, if natural light is lacking.

    Here is a nice site about them:
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    I would suggest plastic pots for these little guys too as clay pots tend to dry out too quickly. Water to keep their soil moist but not too wet and not too dry. If you use soil specifically designed for AVs you should be fine. Also be careful not to handle the leaves too often and if they get wet put them in shade until the water dries so their leaved don't get burned.

    Best of luck!

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    you're av's will do much better if you put them in self-watering pots. these self-watering pots were made specifically for av's.

    they consist of an inner, unglazed clay pot that fits into the outer glazed clay pot. you put the soil and the plant in the inner pot and fill the outer pot with water. the water soaks into the inner pot as needed - keeps the soil moist, not soggy, and will keep the moisture level consistant.

    a west-facing window or grow lights on a timer (set to mimic real-time lighting) if you don't have a good sunny window and they'll bloom well for you.

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