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    I received this Dendrobium as a wonderful surprise gift yesterday & once again, the tag does not have an ID on it. Grrr!

    After a lot of looking around, I think I have Dendrobium Bigibbum but all the pictures online only show the flowers & not the foliage.

    The leaves on this one are very small and slender. The blooms on this one here measure about 2" (5cm) across & the leaves are about 3" (7cm) long by about 1/2" (1cm) at their widest point.

    My other Den has very similar blooms but they are perhaps twice the size and the leaves are much bigger - longer, broader, bigger - I'd say a good 3 or 4 times bigger than these leaves.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!
    Karen in Toronto.

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    I do not believe this Orchid to be the old
    Dendrobium bigibbum or the variety thereof

    Dendrobium bigibbum

    Dendrobium bigibbum var. bigibbum

    I do think you have a hybrid of some sort.
    Somewhat along the lines of the Dendrobium
    Miss Thailand 'Heike'
    shown in the photo from
    this web site with the rose coloring like yours.
    Look at the mixed parentage of that Orchid.
    There may be others similar to this Orchid so
    I cannot say for certain that your Orchid is this
    one or not and this photo is the only one I've
    found so far of the Miss Thailand 'Heike'.

    Genus Dendrobium

    As far as the Dendrobiums that will drop a leaf
    just prior to sending out a blooming shoot, I
    do not feel that is consistent with so many of
    the Dendrobiums. I have not seen it on the
    forms I am familiar with but there are many
    forms of Dendrobium that I do not know as
    well as others, some forms I do not know at

    This page below shows quite a variance just in
    these Dendrobiums that are shown.

    Orchid Photo Galleries - Dendrobiums


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