Narrow evergreen deer resistant hedge?

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    I'm looking for something similar though I am in Pender Harbour. Deer here eat Thuja occidentalis like candy! and azaleas too though they leave the Rhodes alone.

    I've come across the below info on the web. Anyone have any experience with this holly on the Pacific Northwest coast? Can it survive our wet winters and occasional -5 degrees C? Also, do deer leave it alone? We have hoards of mule deer here as well.

    Taken from:

    Ilex x attenuata "Fosteri"
    Mature Height: 15-20 feet
    Growth Rate: Fast
    Growth Habit: Narrow Pyramidal
    Foliage: Dark Green
    Fall Color: Dark Green, Red Berries

    "Fosteri Holly is an excellent living fence option for narrow spaces as they are not as broad growing as other hollies. Fosteri hollies have small, dark green leaves, a profusion of red winter berries (if pollinated) and are easily pruned to maintain their width.They grow well in full or partial sun."

    Any experience seeing this as a narrow hedge?

    Re: fencing... would need to plant climbers that would survive the deer's appetite, [SEARCH][/SEARCH]be evergreen and grow quickly enough to soften the formal look. I think a hedge would be less expensive and easier to do myself.

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