Nanaimo area organic kitchen gardening?

Discussion in 'Organic Gardening' started by RootlessAgrarian, Jan 27, 2009.

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    I've been in Nanaimo about a year and am borrowing the back yard of a non-gardening friend to do some truly local food production. My last organic garden was in a very different biome and climate, so I'd like to get in touch with Nanaimo-area gardeners for advice on:

    • best times to start seedlings and get them in the ground
    • best local cultivars (climate-adapted)
    • local suppliers for organic horse (or other) manure, compost, topsoil, seaweed, sawdust, straw in bales
    • local seed swaps, island heirlooms
    • local suppliers of OP bare root fruit/nut trees

    I have obtained the Saltspring Seeds catalogue which looks like a good start, but would really like to confer with gardeners who have done successful backyard organic veggies in the central Nanaimo climate (near sea level). I would like to start keeping bees again also (TBH not Langstroth) and would appreciate contact info for local beeks from whom I might get a locally-adapted swarm or nuc, also would love to talk to anyone who is already doing TBH beekeeping here.

    I'm a moderately experienced organic veggie gardener but quite unfamiliar with local conditions so I feel like a complete newbie. Can anyone spare me the "learning the hard way" experience so I waste as little as possible of our shortish growing season?
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