Name or term, and cause for crosshatch pattern on conifer trunk?

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    My choice of search terms online has yielded no results having anything to do with this occurence nor my questions on this.
    Hopefully, this is a proper section in the forums for this query.

    1.... Is there a name or correct term that has been given to the "crosshatch" pattern that is on some conifers, in the grain at the sites where branches had grown? (I usually see it on pines, but maybe I've seen it on Douglas Fir, too, but not certain right now.)

    2.... The pattern is not seen on many of the dead trunks and does not appear around the entire circumference nor entire length of the trunks, of those that I have observed.
    Is the pattern caused by certain environmental factors (branch length, wind load, snow load?) that the tree responded to in its growing seasons?

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