mystery invader in my veggie garden

Discussion in 'Garden Pest Management and Identification' started by Dirndle, Jul 9, 2007.

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    Oh Boy!

    My husband and I finally started a veggie garden at the end of May. We built a raised bed about 6' x 8' and planted a wide variety of veggies to see what would do best. After we had squirrels (presumably) do their usual trick of breaking off a bunch of new plants I built a structure of wood and netting to keep them out. All was well, the plants started growing like mad and we had virtually no weeds!!!

    Then the fun began. About 2 weeks ago something started to eat our veggies. I found a hole in the netting that looked as though it had been caused by a falling branch. It was pretty big and when I found a row of lettuce gone I thought perhaps rabbits were at fault. I closed the hole. A couple of days later, the next row of lettuce, bitten off. Then the next one...I checked for holes in the netting and found none that were large enough for a rabbit or groundhog. Next to go were the peas, cucumber leaves, kohlrabi leaves, cauliflower a little, day by day and yesterday many of the radish leaves. So far the only untouched plants are the tomatoes, peppers, spaghetti squash leaves. Also the carrot tops are untouched, but they are not growing well and are very small.

    I am at a total loss. I see no signs of entry, no tracks, We sprinkled a "pest repellant" containing capsicum, pepper and something else around the area surrounding the garden, but that did not help for more than a day or 2 (the container claimed it was good for 30 days or so). We live in the city, just north of Toronto. Does anyone have any ideas? I suppose we could set a trap, but since we don't know what we are looking for it's hard to decide on what sort of trap.

    At this rate we willl have nothing left soon. It's been a fair amount of work and at this rate we won't be able to enjoy the fruits of our labours. I don't mind sharing, but this is getting out of hand!!

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    Looks like a deer visited your garden and really enjoyed it...
    Since we put a chain link fence around, no problem...

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