Myers Lemon and Kefir Lime ~ feeding?

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by Raingirl, Oct 4, 2017.

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    Port Alberni, Vancouver Island
    I live in the Alberni and purchase these two plants from the local Canadian Tire Garden Centre: we hit zero degrees last night so I have brought them inside into a cool well lit south/west enclosed porch.
    Should I be leaving them outside wrapped with burlap instead
    a few leaves on both had yellowed and browned on the tips (we reached 44 outside our south door last July one day!!!) and I am wondering if I should be fertilizing the plants
    if so: where could I purchase this type of citrus fertilizer (limited here with store selections)
    Thanks All
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    The trees may suffer some leaf loss from the sudden change in environment. However the enclosed porch may be a good place for them; it's an intermediate environment where there will be a steady supply of outside air that is moderated by warmth from leakage of heat from inside. The relatively cool temperatures in there will also encourage flower bud production. You should be aware that citrus roots go dormant at 13C. Make sure the root temperature is a bit above that when the trees are exposed to light, otherwise they will drop their leaves.

    As for fertilization I would observe the trees and fertilize, perhaps at half-strength, if they show signs of growth or nutritional deficiency. Choose a fertilizer that approximates a 5-1-3 NPK ratio, something like 30-10-10 which should be readily available. Make sure it includes micronutrients.
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