my latisectus is more hardy than my takil??

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  1. my trachycarpus takil and latisectus were exposed to 16 degrees farenheit. My latisectus is still outside in great shape with daytime highs at about 35 and 20 degree nights. My takil has a severely damaged spear and 2 other spears have scars, now it's in my kitchen with nice light from the sliding door. Im wondering how this is possible, also in an ice storm in april, the results were opposite, my latisectus had leaf damage and the takil was just fine.
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    takil vs latisectus

    Your latisectus will not be as hardy as the takil. I have both and there is a huge difference between hardiness. Takil is probably the hardiest of all the trachycarpus species. Latisectus has proven to be a disappointment so far however there really isn't any adult ones out there yet.
    John Spaulding in Seattle had some out in his yard that were about 3' tall this winter but I have not heard how they did.
    Takils are more common and they are proving to be a long term palm here in Vancouver.

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