My Honey suckle won't grow

Discussion in 'Vines and Climbers' started by Johny, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Last year we planted a Scarlet Dropmore Honeysuckle Lonicera x Brwonii in our back yard. It is located on a SE facing fence and receives about 6 hours of sunlight a day. It started just fine this spring, but so far we have only about 6 inches of growth, and it has been sitting like that for about the past three weeks. Any body have any idea how I can jum start this thing?
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    May be you are watching it too closely :) I am unsure where you are but maybe it is not warm enough for it yet. Here honey suckle is almost in the weed category.

    I just checked a page and it sayes hardy for northen climates and a fast grower. I think if it is not dead and looks healthy just give it a bit of bone meal or other natural manures and a bit of good composty mulch and wait.


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