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    Sayward BC mushroom cultivation company Grow Mushrooms Canada has curated a nice set of mushroom cultivation videos from various sources:

    Learn to Grow - Grow Mushrooms Canada

    As our population & land "development" continually expands, causing habitat (especially locally accessible) to shrink ever-smaller, making foraging less and less sustainable, mushroom home cultivation will continue to increase in popularity and in food-security importance.

    In recent years, local suppliers of mushroom growing supplies have been expanding and new companies have started: I hope you will buy local rather than "amazon" and similar, because;

    • You can more accurately check their references (rather than seeing reviews by bots or paid reviewers) and consequently receive better product and have more fruitful & successful growing experiences. The popularity of cultivating mushrooms means there are increasing numbers of "snake-oil" sales operations out there, so buyer be aware.
    • Local suppliers understand local conditions better, e.g. weather/humidity, local hardwood/conifer log types, optimal species choices and so forth.
    • Purchasing locally benefits everyone by keeping the cash flowing in local communities.

    I am not affiliated with any mushroom cultivation company - am just a big fan of home mushroom cultivation, kitchen gardens, and other food-security and locally-oriented sustainable endeavours.

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