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    I got a great deal on some mushroom compost last spring (why do great deals always come back and bit you on the butt????)........I did some landscaping and put in a new retaing wall in my front yard so I could raise the level by about 30cm - thus covering/burying my existing ugly moss errrrrr turf.

    I threw down a bunch of grass seed - which took off and looked great right through summer........

    Heres the that we are in to autumn with lots and lots and lots and lots of rain.......I have a gazillion mushrooms growing through......

    Any suggestions of a way to get rid of the mushrooms....

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    g'day aussiebob,

    an aussie living in canada did i get that right?

    anyway back to those mushrooms, what i do when i get mushrooms growing out of mushroom compost i eat them. so if you can determine that they grew from the compost then using them will be safe. but try to get local knowledge first.

    as the organic matter breaks down the mushrooms will get less, you could pick them and compost them or simply kick them over and leave them there to shrivel and face away. but you will notice as the days go on they will get less and less.

    we use mashy compost in our gardens but due to the drought are never that lucky to get mushies all the time.

    you are welcome to visit us at our site and see our gardens.


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