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Discussion in 'HortForum' started by Loralei Smith, Nov 13, 2018.

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    We are looking at moving to the area around 83 Mile House. I have lived in Abbotsford all my life have had huge vegetable gardens that run from March - September. I pretty much don't have to get produce in the summer.

    My Aunt has lived in Horsefly for the past 15 years and has always said 'you can't grow that where I live'..... I never really paid much attention to what she was saying until we seriously decided to move to the Cariboo.

    My question is how do veggies grow in that area. I am planning on getting a large greenhouse, but would like to know how everyone else manages up there.

    Big thing is my Grandad's beans that I save seed and grow every year. They are pole beans. I'm guessing I could grow them in the greenhouse.

    Also, fruit trees. What kind would you recommend?

    Any thoughts or input from people who live in the area would be great.
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    My mother lives 45 minutes NW of 100 Mile House and has a nice vegetable garden; usually she grows asparagus, cabbage and squash among other things. She also starts things in her greenhouse, like tomatoes.
    And I also know she has several fruit trees including apples and plums.
    I will try to ask her what exactly she grows and if she does anything special when we speak again next week.

    And you may want to check the soil in your area; my Mother's property has a lot of clay and she had to dig out and prepare the area she wanted to grow her vegetables in - it took several years to get the ground to where she could successfully grow things
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