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  1. I have a similar question to one on your board. We have some 15 year old vines that my father planted prior to his passing away. We would like to move them to our home since they are now growing wild. It is January in Georgia and I need to know if now is a good time to move them or should this be done at another time of year. Also what should I do to prepare the soil.
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    Hello Taylor,

    I am not sure if you found all the posts about moving grape vines:

    I think the general concensus on the forums is that it is much easier to take cuttings to propagate the vines, unless you just have to have that particular plant for sentimental value.

    Out of curiosity though, do you know what type of grape it is? In the SE US muscadine grapes (Vitis rotundifolia) are the commonly grown variety and their culture is different from other grape vines.

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