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Discussion in 'Araucariaceae' started by mattandjacki, Oct 22, 2006.

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    I would like to buy and plant a monkey puzzle tree in celebration of the birth of my baby girl Madelyne on 22 Sep 06. However, i do not know the best size to buy or the best environment to plant it in the give it the best chance of survival. I could buy a small one and keep it in a pot so when we move i can take it with me or should i buy a more mature tree and plant it in a forest to ensure a consant environment. Any advice on tips for buying and care of a tree would be greatly appreciated.

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    Buy a fairly small one, plant it out, and put a wire cage round it if there is any risk of it being eaten by anything (deer, rabbits, etc). Keep it carefully weeded while it is still small.

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