Monkey Puzzle Tree Watering Requirements

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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for expert advice on watering a newly planted Monkey Puzzle Tree. I was told by one landscaper that they don't like a lot of water and not to water it and someone else told me that they like a lot of water. I had 2 Monkey Puzzle Trees, one was 4 ft tall and the other was about 10 ft tall. Both began browning within a couple months after being planted and died quickly. The 4 ft Monkey Puzzle Tree was planted in the spring and was watered when it was dry and seemed to start browning in September after I watered it heavily by hand (10 minutes).

    The 10 ft monkey puzzle tree was planted in December before the winter. It had some slight browning after the winter. We had a dry spring and a very dry summer. I was worried about over watering my second monkey puzzle tree so I only watered the tree (for a few minutes by hand) if it didn't rain for 2 weeks. In September after a heavy watering (10 minutes by hand) the browning seemed to get worse and by November most of the tree was brown.

    Was it my watering that killed the Monkey Puzzle trees? Both trees had no damage to the roots when planted and they were planted in a sunny location. I know Monkey Puzzle trees can grow where I live because there's a 12 ft monkey Puzzle tree right around the corner from me and I've seen bigger Monkey Puzzle trees in the area. I want to successfully grow one and want to plant another Monkey Puzzle Tree.

    I don't want to give up on this tree just yet. In the future if I buy another Monkey Puzzle tree would a 7ft tree be too big or should I go smaller? Anyone plant large Monkey Puzzle trees and have success with them? How often did you water the tree? Any additional advice to successfully establish and grow a monkey puzzle tree would be greatly appreciated.

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