Monkey puzzle tree oozing brown resin and white resin

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    our monkey puzzle tree is over 45 years old and about 20 ft high in the last 12 months it has started to lose the lower branches which have turned brown, brown branches are now being seen half way up the tree. In the last few weeks it has started to ooze brown resin which solidifies like amber and white goo from the bark. I cut off a bottom piece of the bark that was easy to remove and underneath was a honey coloured mushy brown goo. Is this Honey mushrooms yet as too early in the year.
    Can we save our tree and if not what do we do now?
  2. I also have a MP with the same symptoms. The problem has been gradually getting worse with approx two sites on the trunk where it is oozing brown and white resin and about 5 branches which are turning brown. Some of the brown branches are still green at the tip which looks strange.
    I would like to try and save the tree as it is approx 60yrs old and easily 30ft
  3. My monkey puzzle is suffering similar problems. It is 25 years old, 35ft, female and has fruited for the past 5 years. This year the traditional annual browning of one or two lower side branches has increased to about 40 % of all branches browned - predominantly on the east side. Could this be the virus that enters the soil and attacks indescriminately? My neighbour this year lost a 30ft conifer (sudden death). Location 75m from my tree. Any connection? Location of the tree northern Normandy, France - climate temperate - very occasional slight winter frost. On the advice of a local garden centre I have sprayed brown resin bleed points with concentrated chemical that is used to treat browning of conifer hedges and, as recommended by mfg have watered dilute solution under branch spread but with no apparent effect

  4. We too have the same symtoms with our tree as each person has stated previously. Our tree is about 12' tall. Planted in its location for five years, a clay substrate soil, which grows things very well when established. We are about 1000' up on the west side of the mountains in Washington state, Vancouver, south side of the mountain. The tree has always been dark green until this summer. We normally have dry summers here and rain all fall through spring. Now it is a yellowish green. It lost abouot 1/3 of the lower branchs. Dieing from the center out to the tips. The entire branch actually drys as it dies out to the tips.

    Our local nursery thought it was spider mites. We have sprayed with malathion, which seems to have slowed things a bit. Tonight I will do a microscopic analysis to verify if it is mites. Again, is there a change to save it? My next step is systemic. The only new thing we have done to it since it was planted was the surface addition of composted horse manuar this past spring. Is the MPT dependant on soil pH? Can the soil be too acidic? We heard of a very old tree in the New Zealand Botanical Gardens which just died of desease. Is this the same dease that each of our trees have. The high school our kids attend have three 60' mature trees that look like they may be starting the same thing. I'm eager to hear what we can do.

    Thank You for your help.

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