monkey puzzle and ivy

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  1. my monkey puzzle tree trunk is covered in ivy - will the ivy endanger the tree and should i remove it - i would be grateful for any advice!
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    IMHO ivy up a tree trunk is never a good idea. nor is wisteria or boston ivy. In time the vines are able to choke the trees branches and potentially the trunk itself.
  3. Ivy Puzzle

    OK if you like the look and prune it back periodically, so it doesn't get out on the branches and overwhelm the tree later. Might be easier to cut it off at the base, keep i t out of the tree.

    Climbing plants and trees can be combined effectively in many ways, the key being choosing combinations that look and grow well together. Lianas (woody vines) are present in many forest communities elsewhere, have been used to add much interest to exotic collections such as the UBC Botanical Garden's Lam Asian Garden.

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