Monkey pod trees or Samanea Saman

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a monkey pod tree that I grew from seed. My hubby and I were in Hawaii about 7 years ago....and well ahhhh, I came home with a few seeds, a monkey pod tree seed came along home too. I plant the seeds and they grew pretty quickly. I now have a monkey pod tree that is about 7' tall. It would be much taller, but we have cut it back a few times already. I read that they grow to 40' tall. I think we will be donating it to a local greenhouse when it gets too large for our house. ......

    It's Ott's exotic plants in Collegeville Pa. They take plants from people when they can't keep em' or when people have "sick" plants Ott's will help the gardeners out. They also re-pot plant that are too large of a job for the average gardner. We took the tree from flower pot last Summer, cut the rootball about 2-3" all the way around and the put fresh potting soil back in. I think that's the best we can do.... any other ideas would be welcomed

    Could I bonsaii this tree?

    Here's a few photos of my Monkey Pod Tree.....
    It's 7 years old this year......


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