MidAmerica IAS chapter meeting in Oklahoma City with Dr. Tom Croat

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    Just a reminder that if you grow tropical plants and live in Oklahoma, southwestern Missouri, north Texas, western Arkansas, southern Kansas, western Louisiana, southeastern Colorado or anywhere people love growing tropical plants please join us at Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge on November 21 at 1:00 PM.

    Dr. Tom Croat who is the world's leading aroid botanist as well as the P.A. Schulze Curator of Botany at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis will join us. Dr. Croat has personally collected more than 100,000 wild specimens in rain forests around the world for scientific purposes and has named many new species to science. This will be a great chance to meet Tom and ask questions.

    Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and bring your tropical plant loving friends for a guided tour of the garden! Technically this is the first meeting of the MidAmerica Chapter of the International Aroid Society but you don't have to join or be a member to join us for the tour of the garden. All you need is to love tropical plants!

    We just want to meet people with an interest similar to our own. This meeting is sponsored by the members of the International Aroid Society that live the region but our goal is to meet people that love tropical plants! Although we grow and love aroids almost all of us love to grow plants from the rain forests of the world.

    Some of us will be bringing plants and cuttings to trade and we encourage you to do the same. Please bring anything you would like to share with other tropical plant enthusiasts since there will almost certainly be something there you'll want to bring home.

    For more information, check out the chapter page at http://www.aroid.org/midamerica/

    Please RSVP to Zach DuFran zdufran@wdtinc.com or to Steve Lucas at Steve@ExoticRainforest.com

    Admission to the Myriad Center is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and $3 children). If you've never been to the garden the Myriad Gardens website is http://www.myriadgardens.com/

    For more information please visit the International Aroid Society website: www.Aroid.org

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