Microsublimate cristals in Rhodo kotschyi

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    This message came to us on May the 2nd, 2004. A reply follows it:

    "The purpose of this note is to ask you to refer me to someone who can help a Romanian student studying a Rhododendron. I did not know if it was appropriate to post this to any of the boards.

    My collegue in Bucharest, Romania is a graduate student studying Rhododendron kotschyi from a chemical and pharmalogical perspective. She makes trips into the mountains herself for studies.

    She has made a discovery that she has not been able to confirm in any literature or with the university professors. She says she "made a microsublimate and found some very beuatiful and intresting crystals".

    Can you refer her to someone who might be able to help her learn more about her discovery?

    Thank you for your consideration!"

    Mr. Manriquez
    Sorry for the delay in answering your question. I have talked to several people to see who might help you with your question and I was directed to a botany professor called G.H. Neil Towers. You can find more about him if you go to http://www.botany.ubc.ca/towers.html in case you cannot find the information you want you can email him at ntowers@interchange.ubc.ca

    Hort line
    Good luck with your studies!

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