Metal-tagged Trees around UBC

Discussion in 'Talk about UBC Botanical Garden' started by Veronica Rodriguez-Jurado, Mar 11, 2017.

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    Good day!

    I am very curious about why there are some trees around UBC that have metal tags with numbers on them. I am guessing it is a way of keeping track of the trees and such. But is there a way for me to look up a tag number and find out what species the tree is or so?
    I am trying to identify some trees for a research project.

    Thank you very much!
  2. Daniel Mosquin

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    A number of folks have catalogued the campus trees over the years--there was at least one project by Land and Building Services and at least one by Forestry.

    If you have an iPhone, consider the Vancouver Trees app--that will have many of the campus trees. Otherwise, you need to gather resources from disparate places (like Land and Building Services) to see if they can supply you with what the tags reference.
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    @dt-van, do you still have your 1999 copy of the tree inventory you mentioned in a posting ten years ago? Could Veronica list the numbers of the IDs she still needs?

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