Meet the Newest Dogwood Trees

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    The April 2006 issue of Horticulture magazine has a short, but informative article by Paul Cappiello entitled "Return of the Dogwoods", in which he describes some of the latest & greatest varieties available, most of which have been described or referred to on this forum. Also included in the article is a list of nursery sources for some, but not all of the varieties listed.
    One of Cappiello's picks for best C. florida is 'D-383-22' (Red Pygmy [R]), a fairly new Elwin Orton introduction that is stunning. Cappiello describes a waist high plant with over 50 blooms. The picture from Cappiello & Shadow's book ("Dogwoods") is even more impressive than the magazine description.
    Also discussed - Twig Dogwoods, kousas, & newer varieties of C. alternifolia.

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