May 9, 2013 - more little flowers

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    Nadia got to the garden before me on Thursday and greeted me with "EVERYTHING is in bloom".

    I'll start out with the featured flower of the day - Daphne Charlton, on the courtyard outside the garden entrance.

    The Xanthoceras sorbifolium was just in bud last week. Now it's open. Last year I posted fruits from this plant.
    20130509_UBCBG_XanthocerasSorbifolium_Cutler_P1450067.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_XanthocerasSorbifolium_Cutler_P1450068.jpg

    The leaves on the Sorbus yuana are not the ones being referenced by the name of the previous plant.
    20130509_UBCBG_SorbusYuana_Cutler_P1450072.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_SorbusYuana_Cutler_P1450076.jpg

    This is not the same Rehderodendron tree as last week - this is R. macrocarpum. Last week's does not have the species ID, but I think we've mentioned before that it looks pretty similar to this one. It was just an excuse to post photos of it. These might be my second favourite trees.
    20130509_UBCBG_RehderodendronMacrocarpum_Cutler_P1450079.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_RehderodendronMacrocarpum_Cutler_P1450080.jpg

    Here is Viburnum cimmamomum, and a Cinnamomum japonicum, to show where it gets its name.
    20130509_UBCBG_ViburnumCinnamomifolium_Cutler_P1450145.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_CinnamomumJaponicum_Cutler_P1450271.jpg

    Lonicera quinquelocularis, with cute flower buds, and Nadia reminds me that this has crazy transparent fruits. Interesting bark too.
    20130509_UBCBG_LoniceraQuinquelocularis_Cutler_P1450105.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_LoniceraQuinquelocularis_Cutler_P1450102.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_LoniceraQuinquelocularis_Cutler_P1450099.jpg

    Dipelta floribunda, nice flowers and also interesting bark.
    20130509_UBCBG_DipeltaFloribunda_Cutler_P1450419.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_DipeltaFloribunda_Cutler_P1450427.jpg

    Here's a little colour - Lindera erythrocarpa.
    20130509_UBCBG_LinderaErythrocarpa _Cutler_P1450096.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_LinderaErythrocarpa _Cutler_P1450097.jpg

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