May 9, 2013 - curious finds of the day

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    The trees and plant in this set of photos from Thursday all were strange in some way. Only one has flowers now, but you can hardly see them. This is Decaisnea fargesii.
    20130509_UBCBG_DecaisneaFargesii_Cutler_P1450124.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_DecaisneaFargesii_Cutler_P1450137.jpg

    On the Arbutus menziesii, it looks like you're seeing flowers, but they're the new leaves.
    20130509_UBCBG_ArbutusMenziesii_Cutler_P1450443.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_ArbutusMenziesii_Cutler_P1450447.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_ArbutusMenziesii_Cutler_P1450448.jpg

    This gets the "cute" prize - Rhododendron dendrocharis. The hairs are almost as long as the leaves.
    20130509_UBCBG_RhododendronDendrocharis_Cutler_P1450283.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_RhododendronDendrocharis_Cutler_P1450284.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_RhododendronDendrocharis_Cutler_P1450285.jpg

    And here's Stewartia sinensis, trying to look like a paperbark maple.
    20130509_UBCBG_StewartiaSinensis_Cutler_P1450457.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_StewartiaSinensis_Cutler_P1450465.jpg 20130509_UBCBG_StewartiaSinensis_Cutler_P1450491.jpg

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