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    This is a call for applicants for the conservation award, I've pasted the text from our own Hugh Angus below. A personal reminder that individuals interested in conservation are encouraged to apply in support of their projects. -E

    The Maple Society will again be offering a £1000 bursary to support a maple conservation project. This will be the sixth year we have run this award scheme.

    We would like to invite both institutions or individuals to apply for the above bursary under the following criteria:
    1. The applicant must be a member of the Maple Society;
      1. Deadline for submissions 31st October 2019. Please email for an application form;
    2. The Maple Society steering group, this comprises members from both the UK committee and North American Board, will have the deciding vote on which project to support;

    3. If successful then the Maple Society will:
      1. expect a full written report covering all aspects of the project, once complete;

      2. need a short report (1500 words) with images to go into our newsletter.
    4. This bursary can fund all or part of a bigger project;

    5. Submissions via email will be accepted.
    We shall be contacting various organisations and individuals that we know are working with maples and will invite them to apply for this funding.

    Although the fund on this occasion is relatively small we hope that members will donate money to the fund and this will help to give even more support for maple conservation around the world. This is a most exciting scheme and we look forward to getting applications.

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