Appreciation: Mandavilla. will he grow back now??

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    I bought 2 Mandevilla last summer, I live in northern ontario, so he needs to come inside in sept- oct. One was very nice, and one suffered from mold/fugus and took all summer to get back to health. So in the fall I brought them in. The nice one I put in the sunny window, the other I stuck in the basement.
    I obivously watered my nice one too much and he is totally dead, but I stilll just have him sitting around anyways.
    MY ugly one from the basement now is in an upstairs south facing window, has new buds...I maybe watered him twice all winter( 6 months of winter) this week is our real first week of spring, (in my terms anyways) with the return of migratory birds.
    but how much do I water him now? How do I know I wont overwater him? But I also dont want to dry him out. I am so super happy he survived!
    Ive never had a plant that I have had to do this with, so im not sure how to procede. Most times I experiment and hope for the best but i have a certain attachement to my little family Ive got growing now. haha
    so any advice on how to bring my little mandaville out of dormancy properly would be sooo so great.
    I think I might try and move somewhere more condusive to my gardening needs...
    thanks - mm

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