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    Hi there:

    I assume this is a gymnosperm. Move it if I'm wrong.

    I have this thing--I don't know what it is--in a flower bed (planted by previous owner). It's about 2' tall and growing in a mounded shape.

    IMG_1550 - 2012-06-24 at 07-08-48.jpg

    It's taking over the bed and spreading in all directions like the blob. I'd like to cut it back to something smaller, but I don't know how. When I look underneath it appears to be a million thin brown stems, but no central trunk. I also know that if I'm not careful I'll wind up with something that has brown edges that will not regrow any green.

    Advice please?
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    Dwarf spruce. You can slow the rate of increase by cutting the new growth back part way in early summer, so that each shoot is shorter, but you can't cut back into the old bare area or stop it from growing entirely.

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