Making Luffah Sponges.

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    Making Luffah Sponges

    Some luffah fruit that was dry was stored in the shed over winter. Others not ripe in the Fall were left on the luffah vine. Today sponges were made. The shed dried ones had fewer stains, but all were good quality. Usually I make them in the Fall, but neglected to do so in 2007. 6 April 2008 Making Luffah Sponges. Pictures annotated.

    (aka. Luffa, Luffah, Loofa, Loofah, Sze Qwa, Cee Gwa, Sponge Gourd, Dishcloth Gourd

    Method to manufacture is simple, and takes little time.
    Remove the shell, which is hard and comes off cleanly.
    Cut the ends off and shake out the seeds. There are about 30 seeds in each fruit.
    Wash in the washing machine with soap, a normal cycle works fine.
    Bleach in a pan for a few minutes.
    Wash again in the washing machine to remove all bleach with plain water.
    Hang up to dry in the sun.

    I have one from last year used to clean out the bathtub, and it is still in fine shape.

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