Make your own container mix- A must read

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    If you make your own container mix this is a must read, in my opinion. Those who buy and store your components in bulk, you will want to read the first section (actually if you are a consumer of bulk components, it's good knowledge to know some warning signs of toxic medium)

    For everyone else who buys bagged components for your soil mix, you may want to start reading the second section "Mixing Up Potting Mixes", but note the following important mention from the first section:
    "Also, moistening potting components before blending with other components
    creates much more desirable physical properties compared to mixing dry components. For example, if dry sphagnum peat moss is mixed with dry pine bark, prior to adding water,
    the mix will have low aeration and water may actually puddle on the surface of the
    substrate. If the components are moistened prior to mixing, the sphagnum peat moss becomes spongy and well hydrated and the pine bark holds additional available moisture;
    when the components are blended the spongy peat moss holds the aeration and the particles do not collapse together or fit as tightly. Aeration of pre-moisten components will be higher than components mixed dry"

    Title: Managing Container Substrates
    By: Ted Bilderback
    Nursery Crops Specialist
    North Carolina State University

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    Thank you, this is the information I was hoping to find. My next re-potting will be much more educated.

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