Appreciation: Mahonia gracilipes

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    I first saw this Mahonia gracilipes, Chinese mahonia, at VanDusen Botanical Garden in April 2019, was taken with the new leaves and the white leaf backs. There isn't a label, but a guide showed me the name from the database. This is at a path corner under the Davidia at the beginning of the rhododendron walk. Here are photos from then.
    Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20190413_124848.jpg Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20190413_124857.jpg Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20190413_124909.jpg Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20190413_125500.jpg

    I noticed it again in February, 2021, and made a note on my photos that it blooms from August to October.
    Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_134140.jpg Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_134152.jpg

    Then I saw it yesterday, didn't remember the name but finally decided it looked like Mahonia, and on my way out, I noticed the flowers! They're kind of easy to miss, and hard to photograph.
    Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20220812_154856.jpg Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20220812_154859.jpg
    Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20220812_162507.jpg Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20220812_162511.jpg Mahonia-gracilipes_VanDusen_Cutler_20220812_162726.jpg

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