Appreciation: Magnolia wilsonii

Discussion in 'Magnoliaceae' started by wcutler, May 15, 2019.

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    I forgot that I knew this particular Magnolia wilsonii on the Magnolia path to the north of the golf course in Stanley Park. I was excited to see it yesterday, even in the rain, which is somewhat obscuring the main feature that easily distinguishes this species from M. sieboldii (oyama magnolia) - the villi, dense hairs, almost everywhere - leaf backs, petioles, peduncles, bud scales. Douglas Justice suggested some time ago that I could pronounce Wilson as "vilson", then remember that "vilson have villi". The other easily noticed feature is that the flowers hang down - really nice for taller trees - whereas on oyama magnolia, they generally face straight out. The leaves are more elongated, not as rounded as on oyama magnolia, but assessing that requires remembering what the other leaves look like, whereas noting hairiness and flower orientation may be a little easier for ID.
    Magnolia-wilsonii_StanleyParkRhodyGarden_Cutler_20190514_101635.jpg Magnolia-wilsonii_StanleyParkRhodyGarden_Cutler_20190514_102220.jpg
    Magnolia-wilsonii_StanleyParkRhodyGarden_Cutler_20190514_101656.jpg Magnolia-wilsonii_StanleyParkRhodyGarden_Cutler_20190514_101748.jpg Magnolia-wilsonii_StanleyParkRhodyGarden_Cutler_20190514_102020.jpg

    @jimmyq, are you still around? You asked about the distinguishing features of this species in another thread a long time ago.

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