Madagascar Palm tree dying?

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    bought my Madagascar palm tree about 7 months ago, it had 2 branches and they were full of leaves. Since then a bunch of small branches have grown, but all the leaves have fallen out. I tried to move it outside thinking it wasn’t getting enough sunlight in the living room where it’s at, one of the taller branches completely turned brown and died. The taller branch still had 3 leaves so I moved it back indoors. Those 3 leaves had white marks on them and I noticed some small bugs. I went to Lowe’s and bought some fertilizer and a bug spray, sprayed the plant it all the bugs are gone,but since then the last 3 leaves fell off as well. Now the top of the branches are turning black and the plant looks to be yellowish. I’ve always tried to water it once a week, or when the soil felt dry. Is my Madagascar palm tree dying ? Or is this normal? What could I do?

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    Correct on watering it when the soil is dry, other than that you should be trying to get it in full sunlight as much as possible. Other than making sure to water only when the soil is dry to touch, care instructions will be similar to these for Adenium obesum : Desert Rose, Adenium obesum – Master Gardener Program

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