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    I have a fully developed mother Madagascar Palm tree 16-18ft high. There are 6
    offshoots which are hiding the mother plant and have grown quite high 10-12 ft,
    refer to attached pictures.

    I would like to propagate the offshoots without disturbing the mother
    or wasting the pups. When two feet hole was dug around one of the big
    pups, we couldnt find the roots linking the pup to mother plant.

    Kindly assist.

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    It looks like a Travelers Palm, Ravenala madagascariensis. Have a look at this external thread: Ravenala madagascariensis propagation from suckers or pups. Given the failure rate of offsets without roots, you might try to encourage the development of roots in the offset before separation from the mother plant. If moisture is the key, then you might try removing some of the soil at the base to expose the root crown, then packing the area with moistened sphagnum moss and wrapping it with some breathable material. Maintain a moist environment and wait for roots to develop.

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