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    I watched a bumble bee landing on lupins with the petal remaining closed.I wondered how it was going to get pollen to transfer to another plant.

    It then came back to the petal it had landed on before and this time the petal parted and a horn like object touched the bee's abdomen. The bee then repeated landing on previously landed on flowers, this time the petal opened and the horn touched it's abdomen.

    There are also hair like rods which come out of the horn.

    It was as if the first contact readied the petal for the bee's return.

    My video of the event did not turn out too well. I did find one on Youtube. If you google Lupin Flower and Bumble Bee pollination, 19 duration. It will show what I'm referring to.

    I did get a short video of a bee inside a Foxglove flower.

    But to my question as to flower part terminology.
    Where would I look,as so far I haven't found one for the Lupin?

    I located two terms . The outer petals are called Wings and the horn is called a Keel.

    Aphid infestation is terrible this year with the lupins and Foxglove.

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