British Columbia: Looking to swap seeds in the Vancouver area

Discussion in 'Pacific Northwest Plant Swaps and Meetups' started by pmurphy, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I've been busy cleaning and harvesting seeds from my plants and was surprised to discover just how many extra seeds I have this year. Some I will be keeping for future use but currently I have lots of the following if anyone is interested in trading.

    Papaver Somniferum 'Danish Flag' - fringed poppy
    danish flag.JPG

    Akebia Quinata - fiveleaf chocolate vine
    chocolate vine fruit 2.jpg

    Triosteum Pinnatifidum - white feverwort
    feverwort 2.JPG

    Paradisea Liliastrum - paradise lily
    paradise lily.JPG

    I also have - or will have in the near future - a limited quantity of a variety of other unusual plants and seeds:
    Leycesteria Formosa 'Jealousy' - himalayan honeysuckle (seeds)
    Diervilla Sessilifolia 'Cool Splash' - southern bush honeysuckle (plants)
    Billardiera Longiflora - climbing blueberry (seeds)
    Arum Italicum - italian arum (seeds)

    And the list goes on.......
    If anyone has anything interesting and would like to arrange a swap please send me a message

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