Looking to identify this plant, any thoughts?

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    A little back story - I like to purchase usual seeds from all over the world and try to grow them here in Vancouver. If the seeds don't germinate after a certain amount of time (depending upon what plant) I will then often reuse the soil for other things the following year. This is a bad habit because sometimes - several years later - I will get plants popping up and I have no idea what they are. And this is probably another case of my bad habit.

    I've let these plants grow for the past year and a half in the hopes of trying to identify them - I say its always easier to pull a plant than to replace it. Well now the largest one has flowered so I'm hoping this will make it easier to figure out what it is.

    The plants are rather plain but unusual in the fact that the large leaves spread out flat on the ground. The largest plant is probably about 30cm wide with 8cm wide leaves, and the flower stalk rises about 30 - 40cm tall. They are growing in my "covered garden" where the temperatures average the high 30's or low 40's during the summer and will dip a couple of degrees colder than the outside temperature during the winters but stay frost free. The largest of the three did stay evergreen this past winter.

    If anyone can put a name to this plant I would appreciate it.

    IMG_9952.JPG IMG_9956.JPG


    IMG_9954.JPG IMG_9955.JPG
    (photos were taken this morning)
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