Looking for People interested in experimenting with Sugar Cane....

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    Hi Gardening Community,
    I like to experiment with unusual (for this area) edible plants and managed to get a hold of 100 black sugar cane seeds (it was the only size package I was able to get). As a test I planted a few seeds and they sprouted very quickly. About 3 weeks ago I moved some of the 3" seedling outside and planted them in the ground. Even with the night time temperatures dropping as low as 2C, the seedlings have not been phased and in fact are growing very nicely.

    I would like to start more of the seeds but do not need as many as I have so I was wondering it there is anyone who would be interested in "experimenting" to see how far the limits can be pushed on this plant. Depending upon which website you read, they are listed either zone 8 or 9.

    Shoot me a PM or respond to this thread if live locally (Vancouver area) and would like to try growing. If I get enough interested parties, I will start more of the seeds and distribute them to those that want to try.

    Sugarcane - Saccharum Officinarum
    "A tall perennial grass native to China. It has been cultivated in India and China for more than 3,000 years. Grow it in full sun to partial shade in the ground or in large containers. Mulch well and water regularly. Overall plant height can be several feet tall with 3 foot strap like leaves on canes up to 2 inches in diameter"

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