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    I am looking for a source of long lasting plant labels for a native plant garden we have installed. Where do you order your labels from and do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

    Thank you

    Santa Rosa Junior College
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    Hello Abigail,

    We engrave our own labels at the UBC Botanical Garden. This is one of my duties as accessions technician. We can engrave either plastic or metal and make signs up to 12 x 24 inches. We do offer our services for small engraving/sign making jobs. Our customers have all been local so far and I imagine dealing with cross border shipping and tax/import issues may not make us the best choice for you.

    There are many engraving services out there. You can search for a commercial operation in your area or mail order service. You may want to call around to local gardens, museums or other operations that have large need of signs/labels - chances are they make their own.

    Click my name above to send me an email if you have more questions about this. I am happy to help.


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