Lilac suckers vs hostas

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    Our home was built in 1973. We just moved in last year. There is a lovely lilac 'tree' growing in the SE corner of the side yard. This is not a bush, but has been pruned to be a tree and is about 15 feet tall. Knowing nothing about lilacs I planted ferns and hostas underneath. They are doing well - but I battle continuously with the lilac suckers! My question: transplant the ferns and hostas and allow the lilac suckers to grow into . . . . ? Or, just keep on pulling them up? But won't that damage the hostas and ferns?
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    You will be continuing to battle, as the removal of the suckers prompts the growth of more suckers. There are some products on the market that provide a synthetic plant growth regulator which inhibits suckering for a time, so that is an option. Or you may want to follow the right plant, right place philosophy and either transplant the hostas and ferns or remove the lilac.

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