Lilac just won't flower

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  1. We moved to an old house in Kits about 6 years ago, and it had a lovely, huge lilac bush that bloomed profusely for 2 years. Don't know the species, but it is quite a woody/older looking bush and was clearly happy in it's location.

    We had some landscapers for extensive garden rennovation, and they pruned the lilac all over to reduce it's size - I don't think there was anything particularly "selective" about their pruning.

    Since then, 4 yrs ago, the poor thing has had lots of green leaves and suckers everywhere, but no blooms. Nothing else changed except the pruning.

    I've given it a while to recover, try to grow from old wood, but I think it had a nasty shock. Is there any way to help it rebloom - or are it's days numbered (I really want a flowering shrub there).


  2. If regrowth has been vigorous it will start blooming again any year now.
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    The only thing I can think of is that if you have been feeding it perhaps you have been using a high nitrogen fertilizer. Do give it a dressing of sulphate of potash or a complete fertilizer butone high in K (potassium) in late spring.


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