lemon tree leaves are turning yellow

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by Unregistered, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Why my lemon tree leaves are turning yellow?
    My dwarf tree is planted outside.
    The area has warm days and in the winter very cold nights.
    Never had fruit.
  2. my lemon tree's leaves are turning yellow

    It is summer in Australia, and i have noticed my lemon tree has started to get many yellow leaves and looks very dry. What can i do to save it from drying and losing all its leaves. Thanks Martha
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    Maybe the first plant is having problems with the winter climate, the second the summer. Citrus do not like to be very cold or dry. Try looking up their cultural requirement on the internet or in books. A local, independent garden centre might be able to help, too.
  4. lemon tree yellow leaves

    The reason I'm puzzled about my tree is that there are many citrus trees, and lemons in specific, in my area south west.
    Do leaves become yellow when they don't get enough water?
    Thanks for the help
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    A lot depends on what variety of Lemon you
    have, whether the Lemon is planted in the
    ground or grown in a container. Yes, lack
    of water can cause a Lemon tree to become
    chlorotic, distinct yellowing of the leaves
    but so can symptoms of nutrient deficiencies.
    Also, as pointed out, cool weather can also
    cause the leaves to turn yellow.

    You may want to join the UBC forum
    and post some photos of the leaves of
    your tree as then we may have a better
    idea as to what is causing the yellowing
    of the leaves. It could be just normal
    yellowing for some Citrus trees this time
    of year due to cold, lack of moisture or
    more likely, for around here, a nutrient

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    lemon trees

    Every winter my lemon tree here in North Vancouver suffers and gets some leaves turning yellow. When mid April comes around I start my fertilizing program which is every two weeks I spray the leaves, both top and bottom with miracid. I also water it once a month with miracid. By mid May my tree looks great and is loaded with fruit and flowers. I continue this until end of August.

    Good Luck
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    Re: lemon trees

    I just asked this same question. It must be very cold where you live. In Az our nights have been cooler this yr and that means 34-45 and one or 2 nights it got to 32 and 33. I dont believe lack of water is the trees problem this yr but last yr yes. We purchased a vacated propetrty of 4yrs. We trimed dead wood off the tree and opened the area around it as it was overgrown with olive branches and ecupilipis tree branches. It was sick last yr but now looks even sicker. I believe the cold made the leaves drop
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    Martha, in actuality it is almost impossible to determine the cause of your lemons problem, with the small amount of information that you provide. We need to know the tree's past care, the fertilizer program you have provided the tree, the watering schedule, tree age and so forth. Take care. - Millet

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