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    Hope this is the correct forum to ask this. I just saw a new melon - Lemon Drop "Kandy" for the first time in the supermarket. I have saved the seeds from it and am not sure if it would a)sprout and b) flower.

    The Lemon Drop melon is the hybrid result of successive breeding efforts of marrying wild melon varieties with high citric acid content and sweet Galia melons. It was developed in the Mediterranean region in the late 20th Century. Martori Farms of Arizona, United States, grows and distributes the Lemon Drop melon under the brand "Kandy".
    - See more at: http://www.specialtyproduce.com/produce/Lemon_Drop_Melon_8530.php#sthash.M7GxdyXv.dpuf

    I have read conflicting information that hybrids and supermarket produce will not produce fruits or grow when planted.

    Any idea if this would get some fruit? I am in zone 4.

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