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    Read mixed reviews about the good ol' scaber stalks.

    Two weeks ago a book I had convinced me any leccinum was safe. This hadn't been a big issue because I'd never found any. This year I'm finding what I believe to be auranticum (or some orange variation) as well as Insigne. I had a big ol' basket of auranticum and wasn't 100% on the ID so I took to the net only to find several articles steering people away from the scaber stalks in general due to recent "poisoning" issues, mostly it seems in the States.

    Can someone comment on the relative safety of these guys? We always use the mouthful the first time, followed by a second mouhtful next evening and if we don't hurl then we usually push forward. :) :) :) My understanding is that leccinums only mess with certain people and even then it tends to be a gastro thing.

    Thanks for reading.
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    i had them dozens of times before one made me sick. We assume it was a subspecies that did not macroscopically differ. Leccinum are a big can of worms at the moment.

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