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    I did a search for leafhoppers, but did not locate any posts. So, I will start a thread -

    This year I am having difficulty with leafhoppers on many of my plants. Leafhoppers come in a variety of colors, ranging from green to white, but you can identify them by:

    1) They "hop" from the plant and take flight or jump when disturbed
    2) They lay eggs on the bottom of leaves, so you may find larva skeletons clinging to the underside of leaves
    3) Adults "suck" the phloem from plants by congregating around the stalk and tips. They first inject something, to break down the phloem, and then suck the plant like a vampire. You will find them congregated in sucking parties.

    Unfortunately, they carry Yellow Disease, which they inject into the plant. This disease kills plants and is hard to deal with. Another problem with leafhoppers is that if you have too many injecting their venom, the plant acts like it is "burned", and develops yellow leaves, wilting, stunted growth.

    The leafhoppers have killed by spinach with Yellow Disease and many of my dahlias are fighting this burning. I am using "Safer" insectidal soap, but they seem to ingest that too.

    Ideas? Help? They are progressing towards my pepper patch.

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