Late Summer Growth

Discussion in 'Maples' started by tjcher, Aug 21, 2009.

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    Hi Everybody--- Hope all is well.

    I've got a couple of trees putting on some serious growth right now. It seems late in the season for this and I wonder if all this growth will simply die back in winter?

    I've got a Hogyoku, Sekimori, and Butterfly putting out branches of new wood with bright new leaves.

    Anyone else seeing this? and,
    Any experts, can you tell me what to expect over the winter?
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    Hey TJ,

    "Hogyoku' has been growing here for many years. I can't recall that tree ever doing anything in Summer. "Beni otake' i moved into the sun a few weeks back and it put on a lot of growth. 'Aka omote' and 'Mimaye' moved into the shade and they got cranking as well. The new growth is easy to see in the pics.

    In my zone mid/late august is not too late for the wood to harden off.

    Pics are a bit rushed as a little bit of hurricane Bill seems to have arrived.

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  3. Kaitain4

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    This is pretty normal. I have dozens of trees pushing late growth now.

    I think the important thing is not to fertilize JMs too much. A little bit of low nitrogen stuff early in the season is fine, although I know one grower who only fertilizes every third year. I'm leaning more and more towards that philosophy. If we give these trees a good home - i.e. a raised bed with decent soil, a little shade, and moisture - they pretty much take care of the rest without a lot of human intervention.

    The trees will go to sleep when they're ready - there really isn't much you can do for them. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful late-season burst of color in your garden.
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    It will be all right, I think.

    I got some late growth last year, here in Maine, on a 'Purple Ghost' and a 'Katsura.' I was worried because we sometimes get a killing frost in September. But we dodged the first cold snap and a hard frost did not arrive until late October. This spring both trees were fine -- no die-back at all.

    I've been very cautious about feeding the maples this year.
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    This is Olsens Frosted Strawberry this year. I've been very surprised with it.
    This was one that I was worried about early in the year. Thought it might not
    survive the spring. It just goes to show that we have to be willing to wait
    and watch and sometimes we get more than we expect from our maples.


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  6. alex66

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    ROME Italy zone9/b
    if you live in USDA zone with temperate climate no problem ,if you live for ex. in zone USDA 5 covered the maple

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