Late fruiting Peach tree Alberta bonanza

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    I wanted to share my joy with two 17 year old Alberta peach trees. For years I was ready to cut these two trees down for a persistent pest that would damage the young fruit. The fruit would be bleeding sap and never make it to a mature peach. This would happen to 95+ percent of the fruit and the remaining is a half dozen peaches are large and tasty but also diseased. I tried all the recommended insecticides to rid this insect that was lady bug in size with a proboscis. Last year I had read that this insect is very resistent to nearly all commonly available insecticides. It was recommended that I use, bifenthrin the active ingredient of home ortho defense. last I tried it on my peach trees and i had a 5 fold increase in fruit, but still the damage persisted. This year I used a fogger that I created without spending a fortune and the results are amazing. No disease and hundreds of walnut size fruit in just a few weeks into the season. No evidence of the pesty bug. If you want to know how I created the fogger reply back.... This year I will have easily 150 to 200 pounds of fruit per tree.

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